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Insert photos 

Insert photos – with this button you will be able to add your photos with three easy steps. Add photos To add photos to an existing ...


Photo album folders 

After clicking on the Photo album link in main menu you will be directed to the photo album section. Here you create folders and add pho...


Language versions 

If you need to make a multilingual website, then take advantage of our Language versions feature. Here you can translate to and edit your...


Settings – Extended 

Extended settings include additional features that enhance your website and the work associated with it. In the extended settings sectio...



Here we will show you how to create a Submenu To activate the submenu feature go to Settings – Design – Menu and check the Submenu box...


Account manager  

Account manager allows you to manage other websites through one administration. Use this feature to manage all your eWebsites and even ot...



The search feature can be found in the very top of your administration panel. You can search the following: pages (searches all pag...



All images that you insert to your website will be saved in the following section Settings – Extended – Images. In this section you will ...


Insert/change image 

This editor feature will allow you to insert images to pages. You can insert an image from: your computer uploaded images in Setting...


Insert map 

This FCK editor feature allows you to insert a map to your website page. Here you need to insert your Address (example: Main street 7, B...

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