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Menu on published website 

Easily manage the links in the Menu of your published website. To set the menu, go to Settings – Design – Menu. In the Menu settings se...


Unpublished photos 

How to set the photo album, so that it will not be on your published website in the “Photo album”. If you set a photo album as Unpublishe...


Privacy Notice 

Privacy Notice relate by using eWebsite system. Other Dispositions Operator hereby undertakes not to provide any personal data to a thi...


Settings - Design 

&g Design settings allow you to easily set all the graphic elements of your website. In this section you can in seconds change the e...


Overview of photos 

Displays an overview of all your stored photos that you can sort according to different data. You can sort photos according to Date inser...


Language versions 

If you need to make a multilingual website, then take advantage of our Language versions feature. Here you can translate to and edit your...

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