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Delete website 

If for any reason you wish to completely delete your website and at the same time cancel your account with eWebsite.com then click on Del...


Menu on published website 

Easily manage the links in the Menu of your published website. To set the menu, go to Settings – Design – Menu. In the Menu settings se...


Delete file 


Settings - basic 

Basic settings allow you to set some administration elements. This includes your password, email and more. To get to the basic settings ...



You can create a backup of your website that you can save, delete and restore. Find the backup feature in Settings – Extended – Backup. ...



All images that you insert to your website will be saved in the following section Settings – Extended – Images. In this section you will ...



The lock feature allows you to lock your website, or a single page with a password. This section of your administration allows you to no...


Settings – Extended 

Extended settings include additional features that enhance your website and the work associated with it. In the extended settings sectio...


Account manager  

Account manager allows you to manage other websites through one administration. Use this feature to manage all your eWebsites and even ot...


Meta tags 

Meta tags are not visible on your published website but are an important part of the HTML code that is read by search engines like Google...

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