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Fck editor other functions 

Insert HTML code - this window allows you to type in your own HTML code. You can also paste embed code here from your favorite video, gam...



Into your eWebsite you can insert any page, image or video that you want to share with visitors of your website. After signing into your...


Insert video 

This FCK editor feature can be used to insert a video from your favorite site. It can be found on the right hand side of the editor. eWe...


Insert file 

With this feature of the FCK editor you can upload a file and then allow visitors to download it through a text link (example: Text.doc) ...


Insert/change image 

This editor feature will allow you to insert images to pages. You can insert an image from: your computer uploaded images in Setting...


Insert map 

This FCK editor feature allows you to insert a map to your website page. Here you need to insert your Address (example: Main street 7, B...


Insert flash animation 

With this FCK editor function you can insert a flash animation to your article. The flash animation must be on another website and mus...


Settings - basic 

Basic settings allow you to set some administration elements. This includes your password, email and more. To get to the basic settings ...


Insert photos 

Insert photos – with this button you will be able to add your photos with three easy steps. Add photos To add photos to an existing ...


Meta tags 

Meta tags are not visible on your published website but are an important part of the HTML code that is read by search engines like Google...

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