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Account manager  

Account manager allows you to manage other websites through one administration. Use this feature to manage all your eWebsites and even ot...


Insert video 

This FCK editor feature can be used to insert a video from your favorite site. It can be found on the right hand side of the editor. eWe...


Privacy Notice 

Privacy Notice relate by using eWebsite system. Other Dispositions Operator hereby undertakes not to provide any personal data to a thi...


Delete website 

If for any reason you wish to completely delete your website and at the same time cancel your account with eWebsite.com then click on Del...



Into your eWebsite you can insert any page, image or video that you want to share with visitors of your website. After signing into your...



The title is displayed in the top of your website on every page. The title is very important for search engines - and is also used as a t...


Music on webpage 

If you want play music files at your websites, it is possible through enter a piece of this code into article. When you will edit an...



Using the editor you have many possibilities of editing your articles. You can find basic editor settings by going to Settings – Basic –...


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