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Account manager

Account manager allows you to manage other websites through one administration. Use this feature to manage all your eWebsites and even other people’s websites that grant you access.

The Account manager link can be found in the very top of your administration.

For example if you have two websites: www.mywebsite.ewebsite.com and www.newwebsite.ewebsite.com then you can manage both of them without having to login and logout every time.

If you have multiple websites then click on the Account manager link, then Add an account and type in the website address (URL) that you wish to manage. A message will then display in the administration of the new website that you wish to add. This message must be confirmed either by you, or by someone else if the website does not belong to you.

Once confirmed, the two websites are linked and you can switch in between them with the Account manger. If you at any time decide that you want to cancel the link then click on the bin icon and delete the website.

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