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Insert flash animation

With this FCK editor function you can insert a flash animation to your article.

The flash animation must be on another website and must have its own address (URL).


Into the URL insert a complete address that is only for the flash animation. Next you insert the size unless you want the default size to display. The default size is 250x250 pixels. A successfully uploaded flash animation will display in the preview window.


  • Display – you can display everything, or you can leave the flash animation without borders.
  • Auto start – the flash animation will automatically start when someone visits your website. If you unselect this setting then the visitor must click on play.
  • Repeat – if marked the animation will keep on repeating instead of stopping at the end.
  • Flash menu – if a visitor clicks on the flash animation with the right mouse button, then he/she will have the option to set the quality, sound, repeat settings. Turn this function of by unselect this checkbox.
  • Id, Class style – type in the name of the style and it will automatically be placed in the <embed> tag, which creates the flash, without having to edit the HTML code.

    Help title – is also entered into the <embed> tag and describes the flash animation (title=““).

    Style – enter your own CSS code, this will be inserted directly into the <embed> code, (style=“your CSS code“)

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