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Language versions

If you need to make a multilingual website, then take advantage of our Language versions feature. Here you can translate to and edit your website in multiple languages for your visitors.

To translate your website please go to Settings – Extended – Language versions.

Language versions

The “Do not show language versions on a page” box is automatically checked, to display the language versions please uncheck this box. Each language version will be represented by a country flag on your published website.

Add language versions

Click on the Add language version button and a dialog box will pop up. Here you will select the default language, or if you prefer a different language, then enter a country abbreviation and title. After clicking on Create, you will be able to translate all the main website texts related to your new language version. Once added, a new language tab will appear in the top right section of your administration. This tab will allow you to create, and edit content of your new language version.

Edit language versions

Here you can translate and edit texts that are predefined on your website in the selected language. With a little effort you can create a new language that is not in the predefined selection. You can do this by translating all the texts and in the Definitions changing all the required settings including the flag to your required language.


  • Country abbreviation
  • Title
  • Language abbreviation for use in HTML definitions
  • Flag – click on Change to upload your own flag

Save – click on this button to save all the changes you made.

Reset default value – if you made some unwanted changes then you can renew the default text by clicking on this button.

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