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The lock feature allows you to lock your website, or a single page with a password.

This section of your administration allows you to not only to lock your website, or page, but also allows you to manage passwords. To edit these settings please go to Settings – Extended – Lock.

Lock - here you can select yes to Lock the entire website. Enter a Password that will allow access to your website, this password will be added to a List of passwords below. All passwords in the list of passwords can be used to access your locked website. Remember that the password is case sensitive. Next you can add text to the locked page in order to inform your visitors as to why it is locked. Click on Save to confirm changes.

List of passwords – this is a list of all passwords that you have entered. Here you will see the password, which you can edit, suspend or delete. If you have locked the entire website then all these passwords can be used to access your website.

List of locked pages – this is a list of all pages within your website that are locked. If a page is locked then this list displays the name of the page and the password. Next to the name you can unlock the page, or change the password by clicking on Locked link. If you have more passwords in a selected folder then you may display them by clicking on more passwords.

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