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Menu on published website

Easily manage the links in the Menu of your published website.

To set the menu, go to Settings – Design – Menu.

In the Menu settings section you have the several options to choose from. Here you can select what links you want to display in your menu, and also how you want to display the Submenu links.

Here you will also see what links are displayed in the menu of your published website.

In this list you will see the name of the link, next to it you have the option to Edit the page, Delete from menu and Delete completely.

You can rearrange the order of the menu by clicking on the up and down arrows.

Here you can also Add pages or Add sections. Sections can be used as a blog, in which case you have to create a section and then add pages to it. Sections can also be used to create a submenu, in this case you have to add a section to a section.

Important: Any change you make here will be automatically saved

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