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Meta tags

Meta tags are not visible on your published website but are an important part of the HTML code that is read by search engines like Google and Yahoo in order to help index your website. This allows potential visitors to find your website.

To see the source code of any website, right click on the mouse and select the See the source code option.

Category should be selected according to the subject of your website

Description can improve traffic to your website. This description will display on search engine results, so make sure you describe your website and include text that your potential visitors might be looking for. We recommend a maximum of 180 characters.

KeywordsKeywords are words that describe the content of your website and help search engines index your website. These keywords will not be displayed anywhere else but in the HTML code of your website. We recommend a maximum of 10 keywords.

Your website cannot contain adult content, warez, or copied content or they will be blocked. If you are promoting a business or offering services then you will be asked to upgrade to a Commercial program, if you do not upgrade your website will also be blocked.

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