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Overview of photos

Displays an overview of all your stored photos that you can sort according to different data. You can sort photos according to Date inserted, photo Title and the Size.

Next you have two options for displaying your photos and then the number of photos you wish to display on a page.

Photos next to each other – is the default setting with the thumbnail previews of your photos.

  • Click on the Edit button and in the pop up window you can edit the photo. You can Delete any photo, and if you want to delete multiple photos then select the box under the photos you wish to delete and click on the Delete selected button. The last function is Move selected at the bottom of the screen. Select multiple photos and click on the button to move the photos to a folder of your choice.
  • Photo list – this overview offers more by displaying all editing options right next to the thumbnail. Here you can edit the title and description of your photos. By changing the Folder and clicking on save you can change the location of the individual photo. Under the thumbnail you again have the select box in order to delete or move multiple photos. Under the folder there is information about the resolution, date size, date of uploading the photo and how many times it was viewed by your visitors. You also have the option to Turn an individual photo, to do so select the Turn left or Turn right option and click on Save. The photo will turn after you click on save. After making any adjustments remember to always click on Save.
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