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Into your eWebsite you can insert any page, image or video that you want to share with visitors of your website.

After signing into your administration you can add pages by clicking on the Add page button. Or select from the menu Page – Add page.

Here you will see a page editor. First, it is necessary to fill out basic information by entering the - title, heading, etc.

Heading – select an appropriate heading for your page, it will display under the title.

Extended options – more options for inserted page.

  • Heading – in the extended options you can choose not to display the heading on a published page.
  • Address – select an address (URL) or leave blank and we will select one for you.
  • <TITLE> – website title is displayed in the very top of your internet browser.
  • <KEYWORDS> – optional, you can type in a few keywords or keyword phrases that best describe your the content of your page.
  • (Example.: Title – Dogs, Keywords – dog, labrador puppies, )
  • <DESCRIPTION> – optional, provides a brief explanation of the page content and is supported and displayed on some search engine result pages.
  • Date – insert the current date. Date can be displayed on any page that is inserted to a section.

  • Perex– here you can insert a summary of what the page will be about.

Text – here you can insert text, pictures, etc.. that will be displayed on your published page. Editor functions are described in a separate lesson.

Place in menu – is used for placing the page to the menu or an already created section

  • As a link
  • Do not show in menu
  • Add to a section – click the new section button to quickly create a new section with a heading.


  • Do not display – a form for entering comments will not appear. If you already have comments and select this checkbox, then your comments will be saved but not displayed.
  • Stop further comments – You can stop further comments by selecting this checkbox. Comments already made will not be deleted and will be displayed.
  • Display – Send via email – added comments will be sent to your email which you entered upon registration.

Add photo album – enables you to place a preview of a photo album at the end of your page.

Save as unfinished – the page will not be published.

Save – will save all changes.

Delete page – deletes the page.

For the experienced

WYSIWYG / HTML - is used to switch between the text editor and the editor of the source code (HTML). Code can be adjusted separately.

Limits on pages

Important notice: The content on your eWebsite cannot

  • violate the laws of your country, and cannot violate good morals.
  • damage the reputation of the operator.
  • only contain a link to a commercial service, or to link farms.
  • share warez or link to such sites.
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