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Photo album

Used to store and publish your personal photos. Individual photos can be easily sorted into folders and therefore allow you to have a well arranged photo album.

To get to the photo album section click on the Photo album button in the left menu. The photo album works on the same principal as your Windows operating system. You simply create folders and subfolders with labels that describe your photos, and then you upload your photos to them.

Upper submenu

In the top section you will find the following links:

  • Overview of photos (overview of all photos)
  • Comments (all comments to your photographs)
  • Unpublished (displays folders that you do not wish to publish)
  • Photo album layout(takes you to general photo album layout settings)

These links are dynamic - for example, if you do not have any unpublished folders, then the Not published link will not be displayed. And if you open a folder without comments then you will not see the Comments link.

To learn how to work with folders, visit “Photo album folders”.

To set the design layout of your photo album visit, “Photo album layout”.

Important notice: Photos inserted to your website must not violate any laws or good morals.

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