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Photo album – Edit folder

Each folder you add to your photo album can be edited. This allows you to change the folder name, add a description, allow visitors to leave comments and more.

To edit a folder, click on the Photo album link in the main menu where you will see a list of all photo folders that you have created and then click on the Edit link located to the right of the folder name. If you have not created a folder yet then click on the Add folder link, type in a name and click on the Create button.

Here you can set and edit the basic settings and also extended settings in which case you have to click on the Extended settings link.

Folder description

  • Folder name - a name is already filled in but you can change it here.
  • Address - here you can enter an address (URL) or leave blank and our system will select one for you according to the folder name.
  • <TITLE> - is optional and is displayed on the very top of your web browser and not on your website.
  • <KEYWORDS> - are words that describe the content of your website and help search engines index your website. These keywords will not be displayed anywhere else but in the HTML code of your photo folder page. We recommend a maximum of 10 keywords.
    (Example: dog, dog breeds, puppies)
  • <DESCRIPTION> - will display on search engine results, so make sure you describe your website and include text that your potential visitors might be looking for. We recommend a maximum of 180 characters.
  • Date - here the date will show when the folder was created. Click on Select to change the date at anytime.
  • Folder description - this text is optional and if inserted it will display on the top of the photo page on your website. To format the text or add HTML code click on the WYSIWG/HTML link

Folder settings

  • Sorting photos in folders - select what order photos will display in this folder on your published website. You can sort your photos according to name, and size.
  • Sort sub folders - select if you want to sort subfolders by name or date.
  • Do not show in menu - if you check this box the link to this folder will not be displayed in the menu of the photo album on your website. Folder will only be accessible through its address (URL), this means you can create a text link to this album on any of your pages.
  • Do not publish folder - if you check this box the folder will not be accessible through the internet.
  • Comments
    • Do not show - visitors will not be able to leave comments. If you already have comments added to this folder and you select this option then they will be hidden and saved if you ever decide to reverse this option.
    • Do not add comments - visitors will be able to add new comment, but old comments will still be visible on your website.
    • Allowed - in this case visitors will be able to leave comments. If you select this option and furthermore select the Send to email option then you can have all comments made by visitors sent to your email in order to keep up to date.
  • Lock folder - select this option to lock this page on your website. It will be locked with a password that you select.

Save - you must click here in order to save any changes you have made.

Delete folder - click on this button and a window will pop up allowing you to either delete the entire folder permanently or to move this folder to another folder.

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