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Photo album folders

After clicking on the Photo album link in main menu you will be directed to the photo album section.

Here you create folders and add photos to them, this system is similar to the Windows on your computer.

Creating folders

Creating a folder is simple – just click on Add folder.

A dialog box will open, here you enter the name of the folder (example: Vacation photos) and click on the Create button.

Now you have created your first folder. To go to this folder, click on the name of the folder. Each folder has several functions.

  • Add photos – allows you to quickly add photos to this folder
  • Edit - here you can add or edit heading, text or comments along with other settings
  • Delete - see „Deleting folders“
  • Lock – a dialog box will allow you to lock your photo album with a password

Visual distinction of folders

Colored folder – folder contains photos or subfolders
Grey folder – this folder is empty

Next to the name of each folder you will see the total number of photos it includes, regardless of whether they are in a subfolder or unpublished.

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