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Photo album layout

In this section you choose what type of photo layout you want to display in your photo album of your published website. You can select one of 4 different layouts.

You can find the photo album layout settings in Settings – Design – Photo album layout

Photo album layout

The first three types of photo layouts for browsing are common. You can select the first layout to only browse one photo at a time, second layout will also display thumbnails of photos and the third option will include a scroll bar. Fourth layout is the so called lightbox.

After you click on a photo in your published website you will see a special layer, in which you can:

  • Start/stop the slideshow (automatically displays photos one by one)
  • Turn the photo
  • Display the photo in its original size
  • Copy the address (URL) of the photo

Do not display slide show function – after selecting this option, your visitors will not be able to see the slide show link.

Default sorting of new folders

Once you add a new folder, subfolder, or photo then it will be sorted on your published website according to a setting you select.

Sort photos - here you can sort photos by date, alphabetical order or size.

Sort sub folder – here you can sort sub folders by date or alphabetical order.

By clicking on the Save button you will save all changes. If you do not want to save changes or you want to set the default settings for the photo album layout then click on the Reset default value button.

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