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Here you can change all the settings you made in the setup wizard and much more. Change your websites entire layout, upload bulk images, add a primary domain etc…

The Settings link is located on the left side of your administration in the main menu. Once you click on this link you will see the following tabs displayed below.

Setting options:

  • Design – allows you to change the websites Design (template), Header image, Title and Home page. The Menu allows you to add and edit pages that are displayed on your website. Photo album layout allows you to set different methods of photo browsing for your photo albums. Last and not least are the Modules that allow you to add a portrait, calendar, full text search, RSS feed and much more.
  • Basic – here are your basic administration elements that are not displayed on your published website. Meta tags help index your website in search engines and catalogs. Change your registration Email or add more emails that you can use in the future for keeping posted to visitor comments from your pages. Select a default Editor, Block IP’s of unwanted visitors or Delete your entire website.
  • Extended – this tab takes you a step further and allows you to add a primary Domain (e.g.: yourname.com), create multiple Language versions, upload and edit single or bulk Images and Files even with the help of FTP access. And to make sure you don’t lose any data in the process you can make a Backup of your website anytime.
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