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Here we will show you how to create a Submenu

To activate the submenu feature go to Settings – Design – Menu and check the Submenu box. Select a Submenu style from the following options.

  • When cursor moves over link – when you select this option, the submenu will display only if you place the cursor on the submenu link.
  • After clicking on link - submenu will display after clicking on link.
  • Classic – displays all the time.

These styles may vary according to the template design you have set on your website.

How to create a Submenu?

    1. Create a Section in the Pages menu. Example: Menu1
      Click on the name of the section and add another two sections.
  • Example: Submenu 1, Submenu 2

Now you can add content by clicking on the Edit link next to any of the three section names.

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